Hand Crafted Whistles

Welcome to Ellis whistles and thank you for considering an Ellis whistle. My whistles are hand crafted instruments and I am committed to making the finest professional pennywhistles available, with a beautiful clear tone which are in tune over two octaves.

Ellis Pro Session Penny Whistle

Each penny whistle is handmade in the UK using traditional skills. Every whistle of mine is made to the same high standards, using original designs and utilising quality aluminium components - don't expect each whistle to be identical. The process of hand making each and every pennywhistle ensures that there are very subtle differences in the design of each instrument, no two whistles are identical.

"I like the fact that everyone who has one of my whistles has a unique one off bespoke instrument and can be satisfied that I have put time, effort and skill into each one. Rest assured no whistle will be sold unless it meets the highest standards. This is something you just don't get from mass produced Tin whistles"

As an engineer I believe in constantly looking for ways to improve the whistle design, style and most importantly functionality. Ellis Whistles believe in innovation and as you will see I have created tunable whistles with a volume control. This feature means you can adjust the volume to any required level, or you can close off the air hole completely. This makes the whistle silent, ideal for practising your fingering techniques without annoying the neighbours.

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